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Company profile

LMF - an Austrian manufacturer of Reciprocating and Rotary Screw compressors for industrial, oil & gas industry applications. The LMF headquarters are located in Leobersdorf, Austria.

LMF has of over 168 year’s industry experience and offers its customers the benefits of the latest developments in design engineering, proven manufacturing methods, full load testing prior to shipment, and superior after sales services.

All LMF Products are developed and manufactured according to internationally recognized standards.

Its multi skilled and highly trained workforce is able to offer its customers all relevant services as a one-stop provider extending from design to manufacturing, testing with high kW running capability, commissioning and responsive Worldwide service support.

Rotary Screw Technology

LMF has been producing screw compressors for over 53 years during which time it has developed its own unique airend rotor profiles, making it an industry leader in efficiency and low cost operation.

Its comprehensive line up of single and two stage direct driven airends and technological advances, such as touch screen control, make the LMF rotary a product of choice for many blue chip companies.

  • single and two stage premium efficiency airend technology
  • durable, low sound level package designs
  • standard power range from 5.5 to 400kW
  • integral variable speed drive available from 22 kW
  • factory installed or field fit heat recovery option from 18 kW
  • no quibble, standard and extended warranty policies for total product confidence
  • worldwide service and aftermarket support
  • state of the art training facility and engineer certification programs

Founded as an iron foundry by Josef Berger
Rudolf Diesel developed a diesel engine for LMF
Viktor Kaplan, the inventor of the “Kaplan-water turbine”, joins the staff of the Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik as a design engineer. Products at this time include diesel engines, Pelton and Francis turbines as well as stone mills and rope driven excavators
the first portable screw compressor, output 4.7 m3/min, working pressure 7 bar;
portable screw compressor, output 10 m3/min, working pressure 7 bar;
Expansion of the range to include the LMF100 FSV screw portable compressor
two-stage screw compressor, output 27 m3/min, working pressure 20 bar
450KW two-stage screw compressor, output 41.2 m3/min, working pressure 24 bar;
stationary single screw compressor, power 15-160KW, output 1.65-26 m3/min, working pressure 7.5-13 bar;
API 618 Compressors Series 360 kW to 6 MW drive capacity
Development of centrifugal compressor for PET application (centrifugal + piston)
New generation of Rotary Screw Compressors LK and LKS Series introduced achieving EU Lot31 Energy Efficiency Standards and globally recognized TUV Certification.