Welcome to LMF,
Internationally recognized standards
All LMF Products are developed and manufactured according to internationally recognized standards.
Over 168 year’s industry experience
LMF offers its customers all the latest developments in design engineering,proven manufacturing methods, computer aided testing prior to shipment and superior aftersales service.
Provide worldwide service support
Its multi skilled and highly trained workforce is able to offer its customers all relevant services as a one-stop provider extending from design to manufacturing, commissioning and responsive worldwide service support.
LMF is equipped with state of the art Engineering capabilities and procedures to provide Complete Customer satisfaction. Its comprehensive CAE based database enables the Engineering Team to manage designs, efficient material inventory and effective manufacturing techniqes as well as conforming to recognised Quality Assurance Standards. Specific consideration is given to Technical Documentation which is an essential requirement for LMF global conformity.
Product Solutions
LMF is a provider of World Class innovative products suitable for any Industrial application.
The Products will perform to specification in all environments without comprimising reliability.
Reliable, quiet and efficient - a perfect combination for any industrial application.
Robust and rugged construction, will perform well in even the harshest and demanding working conditions.
A highly efficient Product with inherent reliability.
Aftermarket Sales
LMF understands clearly the need to provide all its products and customers with world class Aftermarket support.
Aftermarket and Spare Parts
High performance blended lubricants and high quality consumable parts will maintain products to high standards
Service and Maintenance Kits
LMF service kits contain the critical components required to maintain products to a high standard and prevent costly and inefficient downtime.
LMF - an Austrian manufacturer of reciprocating,rotary screw and centrifugal compressors for industrial, oil & gas industry applications.

The LMF headquarters are located in Leobersdorf, Austria.

LMF has of over 168 year’s industry experience and offers its customers the benefits of the latest developments in design engineering, proven manufacturing methods, full load testing prior to shipment, and superior after sales services.

All LMF products are developed and manufactured according to internationally recognized standards.

LMF Together with 5 blue at the gps in calgary
European forum for reciprocating compressors
LMF supply perform service work worldwide.
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