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LGO Compressed Air Filtration

LGO Filtration Series

The LMF LGO range of compressed air filters meet ISO 8573-1: 2010 relating to the quality or purity of compressed air essential to provide protection against harmful water, oil, dust or bacterial contamination.

Filtration specifications

The LGO range offers 4 grades of compressed air filtration, P, X, Y and A.
P (PreFiltration) , X (General Purpose) , Y (Oil Removal) , A (Activated Carbon)
P (also Dust Removal – Desiccant Air Dryers)

Integral filtration and serviceability

LGO compressed air filters are used to support the LD and LMDA dryers.
LD 23- 2775 have integral filter sets installed within the dryer enclosure grades MX and MY, (general purpose and oil removal). The integral filters protect the dryer from both incoming and downstream harmful contaminants.
Replacement filter kits are available for recommended annual element change.

Superior protective coating

Anodizing to the inside and outside surfaces of LGO filter housings provide a unique surface corrosion resistance and subsequent product longevity. The surface treatment enables filter bowls to be removed easily without special tooling, housings do not bind and lock closed as many competitive units do.

Considered installation design

Multiple filter installation is made easy with LGO patented head clamping technology, providing serial air tight connection of filter housings without the need for excessive pipework and fittings, which often result in costly compressed air leakages and subsequent system downtime.
Minimal clearance is required to drop the filter bowl for element changes, elements can be removed, handled and disposed of using built in quick release head clips.

Filter media

The LGO element deep pleated filter media enables a high flow, low pressure drop combination which are very important factors when planning and installing downstream compressed air equipment.
Impregnated fluted stainless steel tubes provide the strength to protect against element collapse if the filters are subjected to system pressure drops during the course of operation.
A unique blend of PVC blended foam and precise media layering provides the level of filtration required to meet ISO 8573 Standards for Compressed Air Quality at source, without compromise.


LGO Compressed Air Filtration