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LPM & LPMS series compressors


Quiet and very efficient, the LPM and LPMS series of permanent magnet drive rotary screw compressors are the latest innovative addition to the LMF compressor brand.

This is a true and effective variable speed compressor design achieving constant pressure and maximum no loss efficiency across its entire working capacity from 100% down to as low as 25% minimum output.

The working pressure of the LPM and LPMS compressors is not fixed to a single rating, they can be set between a wide pressure band making them extremely adaptable to many industrial applications.

By introducing the PM drive concept in conjunction with two stage airend technology, LMF has taken compressed air efficiency to a new level in the mid range kW industrial market.

Backed up by its worldwide service and aftermarket network, the end user is assured of a consistent level of excellence and proactive product support.


The compressed air delivered by the LPM and LPMS series compressors is precisely as the customer demand requires.

The product design dictates that there is no wasteful off-load running and no damaging axial and radial forces through excessive demand cycling to the airend bearings.

At periods of low demand the compressor simply reduces speed and output and will eventually shut down without any inefficient off load running.

Unlimited starts per hour will not affect the working life of a PM design motor.

PM motors use electromagnetic stator coils which are compact and field replaceable eliminating potential downtime and rewinding costs.

The powerful magnetic forces produced by the stator coils and permanent magnets attached to the rotor, create sufficient torque to turn the airend at rest without the high inrush currents normally associated with starting a rotary screw compressor.


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